What's It Like For You?

by Elisabeth Geier
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"Maybe this is what it means to be a grown-up best friend: to accept that change is inevitable, and sometimes hard, but we don’t love each other any less."

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What's It Like For You? (free)
Elisabeth Geier on Walking and Talking

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Lindsey Romain on Heavenly Creatures

Acute Stendhal Syndrome
Kelsey Ford on Reprise

I Could Use Some Time In The Woods
Joel Blackledge on Old Joy

A.J. Bradley on A League of Their Own

A House In Your Heart: ItStand By Me and the Memory of Friendship
Chris Evangelista

Don't Look Down
Taylor Hine on Thelma and Louise

Now Playing: Hell or High Water
Fran Hoepfner

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Greg Cwik on Inherent Vice

"Inherent Vice is a feverish contradiction of a film: at once lucid and hazy, self-aware and neurotic, fiercely present and elusive."

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Fran Hoepfner on Carnage

"The truth is, you don’t become a real person. You never become a real person. I don’t know anyone who is a real person."

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Anna Sjogren on Hugo

"Like Scorsese and me, Hugo is an indoor kid. He spends his time peering from behind the clocks of the train station, watching the people go about their lives far below."

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Chad Perman on Wit

"And then her body—that earthly, messy, corporeal thing she so long took for granted—breaks down, and everything changes."