Sacred Texts and Ruined Childhoods: On Aronofsky's Noah

by Lauren Wilford
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"Darren Aronofsky’s Noah ruined my childhood, and thank God."

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Through The Machineries (free)

Greg Cwik on Inherent Vice

"Inherent Vice is a feverish contradiction of a film: at once lucid and hazy, self-aware and neurotic, fiercely present and elusive."

Cruelty and Splendor, Chaos, Balance (or: It Gets Worse) (free)

Fran Hoepfner on Carnage

"The truth is, you don’t become a real person. You never become a real person. I don’t know anyone who is a real person."

Indoor Kids (free)

Anna Sjogren on Hugo

"Like Scorsese and me, Hugo is an indoor kid. He spends his time peering from behind the clocks of the train station, watching the people go about their lives far below."

Break, Blow, Burn, and Make Me New (free)

Chad Perman on Wit

"And then her body—that earthly, messy, corporeal thing she so long took for granted—breaks down, and everything changes."